2023 Grech Turismo cab

2023 Grech Turismo RV: Perfect Camper Van?

This is a review of the 2023 Grech Turismo RV, which features both the standard Turismo and its upgraded version, the Turismo Ion.

The Turismo is the smallest model from Grech RVs, built on a 19-foot Mercedes diesel chassis with a 3.0-liter V6 engine capable of producing 188 horsepower and 325 pound-feet of torque.

It’s exterior features a striking color known as “2023 Grandch RV Turismo,” with additional molding that matches the Mercedes paint running down the side of the van.

It’s important to note that the vehicle is slightly lifted, attributable to its 4×4 capability.

2023 Grech Turismo RV: Perfect Camper Van?

Turismo Features

The Turismo is equipped with several sophisticated features, such as adaptive cruise control, lane assist, blind spot monitoring built into the mirrors, and LED lights that automatically turn on at night. It comes with Wild Peaks A/T tires and Black Rhino hard alloy rims, enhancing its overall road presence and performance. Furthermore, the RV includes a hidden tow receiver hitch and houses lithium batteries and the inverter in a compartment at the back.

The interior of the Turismo is characterized by leather seats and includes heated seats with memory functions. The running board, made from molded fiberglass, matches the Mercedes paint and is reinforced with stainless steel straps underneath for added durability.

Additional features include a lagoon table mount for outdoor entertainment, a discreet exhaust and water fill system, and power receptacles, and a cable hookup. In contrast to air ride suspension, the Turismo utilizes leaf springs instead.

The Turismo Ion, the upgraded version of the Turismo, stands out with its Lithium-Ion battery package offering a 280m auxiliary alternator and wake speed regulator. The Ion package includes 1260 amp hours of batteries, which is 35% higher than competitors, a 3000-watt inverter, and a power management system. The batteries are safely fastened to the floor in a stainless steel battery tray and can operate the entire house for up to 12 hours.

2023 Grech Turismo RV: Perfect Camper Van?
Turismo floor plan – length 19′, seats up to 4, sleeps up to 2

Other Highlighted Aspects

The B van, despite its compact size, has a wide range of features along its side, including a compartment with a pad, a firefly system (controlled via a phone app), light, city water connection, hot and cold exterior water, another cable hook up, a 30-amp service, an enclosed gravity fill black tank, and separate dumps for the gray and black tanks.

Inside, the cockpit includes numerous features such as a sunglass holder, a Mercedes SoS button, light buttons, crosswind assist, a big backup camera, a 10-inch screen, hands-free controls, Apple Carplay, Google Android, a wireless car charger, and eight-cup holders. The driver and passenger seats are power-adjustable and can swivel around, and there is an unobstructed headspace.

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Storage within the Turismo is impressive, featuring birch wood cabinetry and various large storage areas, including a special storage spot for the lagoon table. The lagoon table is sturdy and adjustable, capable of being set up in various configurations.

The kitchen, despite the limited space, includes a large farmhouse-style stainless steel sink, a solid surface countertop, a big residential faucet, three storage drawers, a dual induction stove, and a microwave that doubles as a convection oven and air fryer. The RV features an elevated refrigerator off the floor for easy access and a small freezer.

One of the standout features of the Turismo is its surprisingly large bathroom for a 19-foot vehicle. It houses a porcelain toilet, sink, and shower that doubles as a spigot. It even includes a window and a mirror that covers the toilet paper holder, enhancing overall convenience and comfort.

2023 Grech RV Turismo Review (Video)

Summary of Customer Reviews: Pros and Cons


  1. High build quality, both inside and outside
  2. A manual shift allows for quick gear changes and fuel efficiency
  3. Positive feedback on its off-road capabilities
  4. Versatile features: swiveling passenger seat, workable lagoon table at both ends and comfortable bed
  5. Nice kitchen and bathroom
  6. Stealth size, which enables inconspicuous parking
  7. Positive feedback on the 4×4 variant
  8. The high-tech design is appreciated
  9. Appreciation for quality details like the useable sink in the wet bath, large batteries, no propane setup, etc.
  10. The fridge is off the floor and easily accessible was noted as a pro by some users


  1. High cost, with many customers finding the price prohibitive
  2. Anxiety about potential damage when going off-road due to high cost
  3. Having to use a key to open many locked compartments
  4. Some criticism about the sound setup – the center speaker overpowers the door speakers
  5. Some discomfort with the steering wheel and unnecessary buttons
  6. The sound bar located near the feet when lying down was disliked
  7. The vehicle’s small fridge
  8. Lack of ground clearance due to added fiberglass in the 4×4 version
  9. High cost for add-on features such as the lithium package
  10. There’s an unnecessary number of cup holders in the cab
  11. Lack of counter space in the kitchen due to a large sink
  12. Lack of an oven


Although it isn’t without some drawbacks, such as the storage layout underneath the refrigerator and cooktop, a bulky soundbar, and the absence of a heated steering wheel, the Turismo stands out as a compelling choice for those in search of a quality motorhome.

The Grech RV Turismo, with its high-quality finish, convenience, and a multitude of advanced features, could very well be your next travel companion on the open road.

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