Buccaneer Barracuda - luxury on wheels

2023 Buccaneer Barracuda Review – Luxury on Wheels?

The 2023 Buccaneer Barracuda is an exceptional four-berth caravan. Its large size – highlighted by silver sides, a matching silver front, and privacy-ensuring tinted windows – sets the tone for a spacious and luxurious experience.

Features of the 2023 Buccaneer Baracuda

Measuring a length of 26 feet 10 inches (approximately 8.18 meters) and a width of 8 feet, the Barracuda is a heavyweight in the caravan world. It weighs in at 1990 kilograms, allowing for a payload of 159 kilograms. There’s flexibility, too – for a little more weight on board, you can upgrade to 2,000 kilograms, providing an additional 10-kilogram payload. The nose weight maximum is safely set at 150 kilograms.

Part of the deal is the inclusion of the E&P hydraulic self-leveling system, a convenient feature worth over £3000. This system takes care of leveling the caravan automatically. To power your off-grid adventures, the caravan is equipped with a 100-watt solar panel. For entertainment, there’s an aerial and a satellite point on the roof.

For ease of use, the Barracuda comes with an external gas point, 14-inch alloy wheels, reliable AL-KO wheel locks, an alarm, and a tracker. It also boasts a fresh back-end design featuring new light clusters. An Alder hot water outlet and central heating system, a water point, a service light, and a battery locker with an included leisure battery grace the offside of the caravan.

Stepping inside, you are greeted by a cozy L-shaped lounge with a gray fabric sofa, upgradeable to a luxurious leather variant for an additional £2000. The lounge area is surrounded by large windows and a sweeping sunroof, with the lounge itself converting into a sizable double bed. A TV stand resides on the offside wall, although it does take up window space.

For comfort, the caravan is fitted with an Alder hot water and heating system, underfloor heating, and grade-three insulation. The walls are seamless one-piece structures adorned with curtains and the widely appreciated concertina effect blinds. An interior connection for the solar panel and aerial is also provided.

The initial table may be a bit of a tight fit, but the pull-out racks are a handy addition for easy storage access. The kitchen area is well-illuminated, courtesy of under-counter lights and overhead fixtures. The cupboards have been thoughtfully designed with built-in racks for plates and open storage for food items. The control panel for various systems, including lighting and power, is conveniently located near the entrance.

Kitchen appliances include a Russell Hobbs microwave and a spacious Dometic Fridge and Freezer. Near the entrance, a mirror and additional storage spaces, perfect for items like shoes or dog leads, are positioned for convenience.

For added privacy, there’s a door for the washroom, toilet, and shower. The shower is roomy, although it doesn’t feature frosted glass. The washroom houses a Thetford swivel toilet and a bathroom cabinet with sufficient depth for storage. There’s even a heated towel rail for that touch of luxury.

In the bedroom, a massive sunroof ensures ample light and ventilation, and the rear Island bed model includes a pre-set location for a TV.

In all, the Buccaneer Barracuda 2023 offers a blend of comfort, luxury, and practicality for your traveling home needs.

Elddis Buccaneer Barracuda 2023 Review (Video)

The Bottom Line

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I’m impressed with the professional approach in the review of the Buccaneer Barracuda 2023 caravan. The attention to detail, including showcasing things that are often missed in other reviews, like the light above the cabinet in the toilet, truly stands out. However, due to the size of the caravan, the experience might differ based on where one is located. Some places may not accommodate such a large caravan.

In terms of design, it’s an exquisite and well-thought-out caravan. But, personally, I’m a bit put off by the lack of a front pull-out table.

The kitchen cabinets and windows could be improved, and the lack of shelves and frame windows are drawbacks.

The Barracuda’s price tag made me blink twice — it’s priced at £46,949.


  • Exceptionally nice and well-thought-out interior design
  • Detailed and professional review process
  • Attractive compared to cheaper caravans
  • Quick setup for the front beds
  • Cheaper compared to other high-end models like the Coachman Lusso II


  • The large size may limit its use in some regions
  • Lack of a front pull-out table
  • Absence of shelves in the kitchen cabinets and frame windows
  • High price point without the inclusion of certain amenities like a TV and aircon
  • Insufficient fridge shelves
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