2023 Airstream RV Bambi 16RB Travel Trailer

2023 Airstream RV Bambi 16RB Travel Trailer

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to explore the great outdoors, not in a tent, but in the compact luxury of an Airstream trailer? In this review, I’m going to review the tiniest titan of the Airstream travel trailer series: the Bambi.

Bambi 16RB Features

First things first: Bambi’s size.

Measuring a comfortable 16 feet 1 inch long, 9 feet 3 inches high (including the air conditioning unit), and 8 feet wide, it doesn’t demand a massive truck to pull it. You’ll need something that can handle a gross speedway rating of 3,500 pounds. The dry weight of the trailer is about 3,000 pounds, with an additional carrying capacity of 500 pounds and a hitch weight of 430 pounds.

The design leaves no stone unturned. The trailer’s underbelly is fully covered, protecting the heated tanks nestled within. Worried about that beautiful front panoramic window? Fret not! It’s armed with heavy-duty solar stone guards and a 3M film for repelling rocks and small debris.

Compact Luxury on Wheels

The Bambi isn’t just about form; it’s about functionality too. All around, LED marker lights add a touch of visibility, and there’s a manual awning for those sunny afternoons.

Need to step outside in the dark? No worries – there’s a handy step light for your convenience.

But what about the power source?

Two battery types can be housed upfront – 1.) absorbed glass mat (AGM) or 2.) lithium iron phosphate batteries. The latter is highly recommended for superior performance and longer run time. And with the ability to connect to a 100-watt solar charging system, a solar charge controller, and a display, you can keep track of your energy usage.

To ensure you’re never short on essentials, two 20-pound propane tanks (like those you’d find on a BBQ) sit upfront, complete with an auto switchover feature. There’s even a spare tire tucked under the A-frame, a quick disconnect port for a grill, and a solar port for an external panel.

Water management is a breeze. The Bambi has a 23-gallon freshwater tank, while wastewater gets funneled into a 30-gallon grey/black tank. Hooking up to city water at a campsite is an option too. Plus, it even includes an outside utility shower – perfect for washing off sandy feet!

The interior, with a headroom of 6 feet 4 inches, is nothing short of impressive.

A standard air conditioning unit comes equipped with an electric heat strip, ensuring you stay comfortable no matter the weather outside.

The “Ocean” décor inside is a departure from the alternative “Dune” color scheme, creating a calming ambiance with the hues of the cushions and bedspread.

Windows fitted with insect screens open fully for ventilation, and the screen door locks in place to keep out the wind.

Don’t worry about security, the main door has a double lock for safety, and the keys are uniquely designed. The extruded aluminum door frame adds durability, while the TransCore composite flooring provides insulation and good screw retention.

The Bambi comes with many comfort features, including a Clarion Bluetooth stereo, a wireless backup camera, a tankless water heater, a 3.1 cubic foot refrigerator, and a two-burner gas cooktop in the kitchen.

With detectors for propane leaks and carbon monoxide, you’ll feel safe and secure, while the battery kill switch comes in handy for long-term storage.

A cozy dinette offers panoramic views and converts into a bed, allowing the Bambi to sleep up to four people.

With Goodyear endurance tires (rated for up to 80 mph and 80 psi), you can drive with confidence on any road.

Worried about storing muddy gear? The protective mats have got your trunk area covered. An outside electrical outlet becomes available when you’re hooked up to shore power, and let’s not forget the trash pail near the entry door, an often-overlooked feature in RVs.

No small space is wasted in the Bambi. The bathroom, crafted with sturdy extruded aluminum, is built to withstand regular use. It’s not just durable but also efficient, housing all of your necessities in one neatly designed module.


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All in all, the Bambi travel trailer, especially the 16 RB floor plan, is a tiny but mighty marvel, bundling comfort, utility, and luxury in a compact package.

The thoughtful design ensures every inch is used to the fullest, and with an optional solar charging system and a 13500 BTU air conditioning system, you’re all set for an eco-friendly, comfortable adventure.

As the smallest Airstream travel trailer, it’s proof that great things really do come in small packages.

2023 Bambi 16RB Walk-Through Tour (Video)


Having had the opportunity to explore the world of Airstreams, I’ve been thoroughly intrigued by the unique appeal of these sleek, metallic trailers. There’s something truly classic about their aesthetics – that timeless vibe of a bygone era resurrected in a modern context. And I’m not alone in my thoughts. I’ve seen an increasing number of these charming units at campgrounds, and the smaller Airstreams, such as the Bambi, seem to be gaining popularity.

I was particularly interested in the recent features of Airstream’s integration of StarLink and the move away from wooden floors. The idea of less wood and an external weatherproof port for the StarLink dish resonates with my preference for practicality and tech-savviness.

Yet, not everything is sunshine and road trips. The Airstreams, while beautifully made, command quite a hefty price tag. While some argue that the cost is justifiable given their high quality and potential resale value, others bemoan the steep increase from previous years. For example, a rig that was around $45k in 2019 – 2020 is now touching $65k, which seems like a significant hike.

Similarly, some aspects of the Airstream construction could use improvements. There are concerns about the thickness of the 3M, with some users suggesting that it’s too thin and susceptible to damage from rocks. Also, while the switch from wooden to non-wooden flooring is appreciated, the use of plywood in certain areas still feels like a bit of a letdown for the price point.

Nevertheless, the appeal of Airstream remains. It’s a brand that is synonymous with quality and nostalgia, much like Apple in the world of technology. And yes, while it might require a pretty penny to own one of these shiny trailers, their charm, reliability, and strong resale value might just be enough to win you over.


  1. A classic aesthetic that’s uniquely timeless
  2. Detailed and comprehensive video tours on the Colonial Airstream channel
  3. Integration of modern tech features like StarLink
  4. Strong resale value
  5. High-quality build and finish


  1. The high price tag with a significant increase over the years
  2. Some aspects of construction, like the use of plywood, seem inadequate for the price point
  3. Concerns about the thickness of the 3M used in the construction
  4. Some features, like rock shields, come with an additional cost

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