2018 Buccaneer Barracuda Review

2018 Buccaneer Barracuda Review

The Buccaneer Barracuda boasts an innovative and distinctive interior design. Over the years, its exterior hasn’t changed drastically, but it has some updated alloy wheels and flashy new graphics.

Most fascinating are the modifications under the hood. The Buccaneer was the last model to sit on a BPW chassis which has been replaced by the more familiar AL-KO. This means that you can add a range of AL-KO features, like an AKS stabilizer, ATC traction control, shock absorbers, and a secure wheel lock, to the already lengthy list of standard features, including underfloor heating and an EMP self-leveling system.

This caravan is full of thoughtful details that you notice as soon as you step inside. If you enter on a rainy day, you’ll find a convenient place for your damp coat just inside the door. It would be even better if this area was heated, but it is a very handy feature regardless.

This caravan is likely to appeal to couples looking for the ultimate luxury travel experience. It can seat four people, but it’s perfect for two. The comfortable seating, especially when fitted with the optional leather upholstery, and the perfectly positioned standard-inch TV make it a cozy retreat.

The caravan’s woodwork might seem dark, but the abundant light from the windows and the gigantic sunroof make the space feel bright. It offers ample storage space, too, with four overhead lockers and space under the sofas.

The kitchen hasn’t changed much in the 2018 model, but the modifications that have been made are impactful. There’s a large fridge with a built-in freezer, a sensibly positioned microwave, and plenty of counter space. An island unit creates a visual separation between the lounge and kitchen areas and provides extra storage.

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One big change is the massive sink. There’s plenty of storage in the kitchen area, including three large drawers, a large cupboard and overhead lockers. There’s also a bathroom with a large shower cubicle and a separate toilet area.

The bedroom is where you’ll really notice the advantage of the caravan being 8ft wide. It has two spacious wardrobes and a retractable bed that can be extended for sleeping. There’s also a handy dressing table and sockets for plugging in devices.

This caravan is perfect for a couple, with room for occasional guests. While it’s not cheap or lightweight, it provides a luxurious experience that’s worth the investment, especially if you’re looking for something extra special after your kids have flown the nest.

Practical 2018 Caravan Buccaneer Barracuda Review (Video)

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